Whale Swim Yoga and Freediving Retreat 2018

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

This year we had seven phenomenal weeks of Whale action in Tonga: Early mornings out on the boat, followed by afternoon Yoga and finished with sunset dinners. Absolute Bliss! And Friendships made to last a lifetime!

An amazing close up shot of 2 Whales we 'bumped' into!

Above was an example of the interactions we had. Breath taking close-ups with stunning shallow back grounds in crystal clear water- a photographers dream!

Yoga outside- the best!

We had daily yoga outside, it was so nourishing and a great way to process the Whale interactions we had daily. The sunset views were absolutely stunning!

Our group (me in the back) getting eye contact with this curious gentle Whale

Above you can see how close we were to this curious Whale. We stayed in a small, tight group and just floated and took photos as this gentle whale swam slowly up to have a look and then sunk down below - an absolutely mind blowing encounter!

Swimming through the Swallows Cave Bait Ball

The stunning Swallows Cave, an open air cavern where you can see the tree tops above and below is a 20m deep canyon filled with a mesmerising, swirling bait ball. Everyone loves this cave!

Dinners together in town

Dinners in town are always a treat, the restaurants cater for Vegan, Paleo, GF, anything you can imagine! The fish is the freshest and the portions are big! A few drinks, reliving our experiences and chatting to other groups about theirs, makes for a fun night! And then crashing in bed, exhausted from all the whale fun by 9pm, haha!

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