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Yin Yoga Class without Props!

Introduction to the Practice

Introduction to the Practice

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Hey friends! I hope you are all well out there! So I thought I would share with you my Yin yoga practice with no props- it's perfect for when you are stuck in situations where you don't have much to use or even space. I also added a link to my Spotify playlist to go with it and my current favourite Yoga Nidra and Meditation resource that you can do after the class to relax. 

On the Go Yin Yoga Class 

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Yin Yoga Music and my Spotify Playlist

You can use my Yin playlist on Spotify when practicing to create ambience no matter where you are!

Fast Forward Yin Sequence

Fast Forward Yin Sequence

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Above is a fast forwarded example of all the poses and variations so you can see how they are done.

Please note, I am only showing the right side in the examples.

Recommended Meditation Resources 

I've also added a great resource for soothing mediations by one of my favourite teachers- Dr Lauren Tober. If you sign up to her database she will send you an E-mail with access to her library of i-rest and Yoga Nidra inspired meditations. I love the gratitude meditation right now- it's perfect for after the yin session.

I hope you enjoy! Remember to sign up for my mailing list so we can stay in touch!


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