Sri Lanka Whale Swim Adventure Tours


Have you ever wanted to swim with Blue Whales- the largest animal in the world and amazingly still present on this planet? Well here's your chance! Scott Wilson and I lead boutique tours in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka where you can swim with Blue Whales, Sperm Whales, Orcas, Brydes Whales and Finn whales. The waters around Trincomalee are home to a resident population of Blue whales that feed in the plankton rich waters in the canyons along the coastline. Sperm whales are a migratory visitor with “super pods” of over 200 whales gathering around spring time. It really is a cetacean super highway!


Our Package includes:

  • Small Groups limited to 6 guests for the ultimate 1-1 interactions.

  • 7 nights accommodation in a luxury, waterfront resort with air-con, wifi and a buffet, 5-star Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

  • 5 days on the water on our own tiller-steer boats, about 6-7 metres in length. We launch off the beach at sunrise into the rising sun and the glassy Indian Ocean for approximately 6 hours of Whale adventuring. 

  • Freedive training.

  • Optional daily Yoga to wake up or wind down.

  • The area is rich in cultural history and nearby is an ancient, cliff-top Shiva temple mentioned in the Ramayana. There is a spectacular Kali temple in town that has to be seen to be believed! All the sites are a close tuk tuk ride from our hotel and Ayurvedic massage and therapies are walking distance from the hotel. Elephant safari's, Dambulla Caves and Lion's rock tours can also be organised.

Private room is $3500 USD per person

$1000 deposit to save your spot

Contact me for more details

Dates available for 2020:

March 21-28

March 28-April 04

April 04-April 11

Trincomalee Waterfront Resort

The view from the Resort


Swimming with the Blue Whales

Dive with Blue Whales

Heading out at Sunrise on the Glassy Water

Waterfront Accompdation

Beachfront Accomodation, just walk across the pool and hop on your boat!