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Private Yoga and Health Coaching

 Byron Bay / Gold Coast


Sessions with me include:

  • Wellness Coaching, Mentoring and Guidance to reach your goals.​

  • Meditations to aid with all modern ailments such as insomnia, stress, depression, distraction or to provide a sense of clarity and positivity.

  • Develop a yoga practice designed specifically for you, to release tension, build strength and heal, as well as ideas on how to modify in class and practice alone.

  • A personalised health, nutrition and exercise plan that will empower you, based on my background in Personal Training, Fitness and Pilates combined with Eastern and Western nutrition principles to provide a holistic approach to health.

  • A sense of purpose, direction and a connection to your higher self — because when we clear blockages in our body and mind we have the ability to reach our full potential and fulfil our Dharma!

  • Whether you are brand new to Yoga, nursing injuries or physical disabilities or are a newly graduated Yoga teacher wanting Mentorship- I am here to help!

  • These session can be done in person or online. 


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