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All About Kris

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Yin Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Private Health Coaching


Yoga and Meditation have helped me remain calm in a crazy world and transformed my life in ways I could not have imagined!

It taught me tools of self-acceptance, positivity and helped me find purpose and meaning in my life. 

I believe we all need Yoga and Meditation because life just isn't easy! 

My intention as a teacher is to help students acquire awareness of the self and work towards strengthening the body, calming the mind, opening the heart and cultivating balance in the face of life’s challenges, to find deeper access to one’s joy and potential.

My passion lies in meditation, where I learnt to develop deep self-enquiry, self-acceptance and stillness and aim to incorporate this into my teachings to others. 
I have worked on many retreats, ranging from Mindfulness Meditation to Detox and Health. 
I aim to balance the body and mind with gentle but strengthening asana, pranayama and meditation practice as a way to heal, manage stress and combat lifestyle illnesses, bringing oneself back to their natural vitality. 
I am trained in Pilates and provide a holistic approach to Personal Training, as well as Nutritional Advice based on Western and Eastern philosophies. 

I have a degree and post graduate diploma in Psychology, to enhance my Yoga Teaching and am currently finishing a Masters degree in order to become a registered Psychologist.

I have a passion for the ocean and love to free-dive and connect to nature.


 Personal Trainer Cert I to IV 2011
Qi Yoga Hatha TT 420 Hrs 2012
Adore Yoga Therapy TT 100 Hrs 2013

Reike Training Level I & II 40 Hrs 2013

Pilates for Yoga Teachers 100 Hrs 2013
Power Living Yin Yoga TT 60 Hrs 2014

Power Living Advanced Vinyasa TT 60 Hrs 2015

Carlos Pomeda Philosophy Weekend Immersion 2017

Creature Yoga TTC 200hrs Assistant 2017

Bliss Baby Pre/Postnatal 65 Hrs TTC 2018

Sarah Owen Level 2 Yin TTC 50 Hrs 2019

BA Degree Majoring in Psychology 2020

Brad Hay Tantra Shakti 50 Hrs TTC 2020

Rose Baudin Subtle Practices Advanced TTC 50 Hrs 2020

Dena Kingsberg Finding Grace Advanced TTC 50 Hrs 2020

Wellness Coaching Australia Levels I & II 2021

PGDP Psychology 2022

What others are saying

"Kristina helped me learn to meditate, connect to myself and feel good in my body again. The practice we developed managed my Insomnia and stress levels and as a result I lost weight, gained energy and felt alive again! My needs were met and I felt really understood. I can't imagine what I would have done without her!"

Chelcie Plowright, Marketing Manager 

"I enjoyed how it made me feel peaceful and so aware of what was going on with my body, mind and spiritual bodies. I feel refreshed and ready to go afterwards. It is an extremely important part of my recovery process."

Sean Fong, Professional Jiu Jitsu Fighter

"Kristina! Thank you for such an amazing retreat, your Yin classes were so delicious and Zen and you made it such a calming and relaxing time. Keep being awesome xx​"

Alissa Sanders Graphic Designer

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