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What Our Guests Thought

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Whale Swim Retreat, Tonga 

"I knew that swimming with whales in Tonga would be amazing, but I didn't quite expect it to be as phenomenal as what it was. From the time that we landed in Tonga to the time that we got back on Australian soil, Kristina and Scott made sure that everyone shared the same unforgettable experience. Along with this, they were also extremely organized and made the trip seamless. Our accommodation was amazing, and the boats that we went out on were extremely well run and had fantastic guides. We had some spectacular experiences swimming with the whales and I have memories that will last me a lifetime! I also formed amazing bonds with each and every member of the trip, and was so grateful for their company. I would 100% recommend this trip to anyone that is thinking of taking the plunge - literally - and I can't wait to go with these amazing people again!"

Sarah Pullen, Commonwealth Swimmer

"From the moment we arrived at the airport, Scott and Kristina welcomed us and introduced us to the rest of our amazing tour group! 

Everything was well organized, the accomodation was stunning and the whale swims; even more impressive.

Spending the days in Tonga swimming up close with whales, cave diving, reef diving and exploring islands was one of the most incredible holidays I've ever been on. I'm definitely going again! 

The islands waters are the clearest I've ever swam in. Making it easy to spot whales underwater, giving me the best video footage ever! 

Every night we had a group dinner, laughed and played cards.

It was more than just about swimming with the whales, we made lifelong friends!"

Taylor Mckeown, Olympic Swimmer

"I approached Scott Wilson Imagery and Adventures as we have been following their unique, amazing and inspirational images of whales on Instagram. These magnificent creatures are my wife's passion and her overwhelming urge to swim with whales. Scott Wilson imagery helped us to experience our dreams and realise that in actual fact that dreams are achievable! The results were astonishing to say the least. One thing that we liked was that the experience was more than just swimming with these magnificent mammals the trip included a cultural and complete travel experience, with an emphasis on a wholistic approach! This was also evident with having an opportunity to be introduced to yoga and internal wellbeing! I would recommend Scott Wilson Imagery to people who have a desire to swim with whales. We found the experience totally soul fulfilling and rewarding to a point where we are now searching to complete our next dream with Scott Wilson Imagery and Adventures soon."

Mark Eastham - Registered Architect

Our Yoga retreat group

Tonga Whale Swim Retreat

"You guys were absolutely gorgeous. You pushed us to explore and trust ourselves. Your yoga classes were special and after our walk that day I've committed to practicing at least three times a week and I'm loving being more aware of my body. I also want to continue free-diving. I found that quite profound. The food was lovely, the vibe was lovely, the house we had was awesome and made for much more of a community feel. The whole week taught me how to be calm and brave and I'm super thankful for that."

Olivia Pirie-Griffiths 

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