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2017 October Whale Swim Retreat

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Some of the stunning images from our retreat in 2017.

Jivana Sweeney with the Baby Whale

The experiences we had this year in Tonga over 4 weeks of adventure have been phenomenal! We had 4 children attend between the ages of 9-16 in one week which made the family vibe awesome and they absolutely LOVED swimming with Whales! The big baby whales were the favourites, they come right up to you, curious and adorable as the mother sleeps below with a watchful eye. The mother surfaces every 20mins and thats when the baby goes back to its mum to feed.

Lauren Freediving with mother and baby Humpback Whales

The highlight for Scott our host was when he swam through a heat run! Where 20 males all compete for the affections of miss Tonga. In the 12 years that locals have been running whale-swimming in Tonga, they said they had never seen anything like it-what a stroke of luck!

Scott Wilson in the middle of the Male Whale Heat Run with Scott Wilson

Below is a family photo of the last week in Tonga, we enjoyed balmy evenings either out at the harbour restaurants or at home in our luxurious villa, with homecooked food and fresh fish courtesy of Scott, we began with yoga in the mornings and finished with starry nights spent on our jetty. We had guests from LA, San Francisco, Dubai, England, Japan, NZL and all over Australia, creating amazing friendships and memories to last a lifetime!

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