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Tonga Whale Swim 2019

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Here are some of the pictures from our latest whale swim tour 2019! We spent 9 incredible weeks in Vavau with our guests, swimming with whales, practicing yoga and testing our free diving skills in the tropics. It's always such an amazing adventure!

Baby Humpback Whale Tonga
A gorgeous baby calf, so curious swimming right up to the camera.

This whale season was phenomenal. We had interactions of all kinds from Humpback Whales to Pilot Whales, Dolphins and even a special guest- a Whale Shark! Its been the only year we have had these guys visit us and we all jumped in so excited, like kids!

Whale Shark
A Whale Shark surprise!

The weather was mixed in the morning, with many days starting off with Rainbows but it was always hot and sunny by midday. The water was crystal clear, perfect for snorkelling and Freediving around the local caves.

Boat Tonga Rainbows
Rainbows and Whales

At nights we would enjoy dinners together and laugh about the day. Once a week, we would go to our very special, vegan, chef's house- Andrea's, for a five course vegan degustation- simply the best!

Candlelit dinner Vavau
Dinners at Andrea's

Mango restaurant Vavau
Dinners at the Mango Restaurant

Every day was a different experience. Sometimes we had pairs courting, some days we had mothers and calfs, on very lucky days we even got to jump onto a heat run, where all the boys race each other to win the heart of the "Miss Tonga" whale!

Couple of whales
We had so many interactions with couples, mother and calfs and singing whales.

The days were finished with lovely Yin yoga and it was the connections and experiences we made that really makes the trips so special. By the end of the week we are like family!

Yoga retreat Tonga Adventure
Post yoga happy high vibes and friends for a lifetime.

We are running tours all next season between July-October 2020 each week. Daily yoga, free diving lessons, 7 nights accomodation and 5 days on the water are included. All ages and abilities are welcome, so please come- we would love to host you!

Humpback whale pair
Come and visit us next year!

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